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15601 Planning for Bushfire Prone Areas

6cp; block: 5-day intensive workshop



This subject is designed to provide planning and development professionals, particularly those working in the local government arena, with the necessary skills and understanding to apply the relevant requirements of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, Rural Fires Act 1997 and AS 3333959 (Buildings in Bushfire Prone Areas). Severe bushfires over recent years have again highlighted the importance of ensuring that development in bushfire prone areas is carefully planned and controlled to maximise safety. This has been given a high priority by the NSW Government through amendments to legislation and publication of a new guideline, Planning for Bushfire Protection. It is essential that professionals involved in this area have a thorough grasp of both the legislation and planning and design principles involved, as well as an understanding of related aspects of bushfire behaviour and management. This is required not only to produce quality outcomes but also to help protect local councils against claims of negligence in exercising their development control functions.

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