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15345 Minor Project

6cp; 3 x 3hrs, block
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In professional practice, planning is a discipline that requires deep understanding of different urban phenomena in order to provide adequate and creative solutions to improve people's urban living. This subject requires students to analyse a planning problem and develop a viable solution(s). The student chooses the planning problem under the guidance of academic staff. This subject contains introductory sessions on ways of researching and writing a research project, particularly a literature review, and on the selection of an appropriate research topic. There is an initial class workshop on proposed project topics, followed by two other workshops where students make powerpoint and verbal presentations of their progress, where students have the opportunity to provide and receive feedback from their peers and the lecturers.

In this subject, students analyse causes which give rise to this particular problem and the effects of the problem, in terms of environmental, economic and sociocultural factors, using academic literature and other data sources as appropriate. They then propose creative solutions or responses to the chosen problem in light of this analysis, drawing on existing literature as appropriate. The subject is undertaken primarily via self-direction, but students are carefully guided by their supervisor and meet on a regular basis for discussions regarding their progress.

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Autumn session, City campus
Spring session, City campus

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