University of Technology Sydney

15144 Group Project B: Greenfields Development

6cp; block: 2 x 9hr full-days; 1 x 9hr full-day, tutorial
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This subject is a group and project-based subject designed to develop students' skills in planning larger scale urban developments on greenfields sites. Students conduct an integrated assessment of existing community profile, environmental conditions, infrastructure and services, land use and density controls, transport networks, ecological characteristics, social determinants and planning policies for a project site. Approaches to, and techniques for, the planning of urban expansion on a greenfield site considering population, household and employment forecasting, constraint mapping; allocation of land use zones, transport networks, urban facilities and green infrastructure, social impact assessment, community consultation methods and development staging plans over a longer planning timeframe are taught. Students form small groups, and develop structure plans for the larger scale urban development site and master plans for a selected precinct located within the larger site and provide detail recommendations. This subject focuses on developing students' competencies to comprehend and apply distinct development considerations for the greenfields sites and to formulate sustainable and strategic planning solutions.

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Spring session, City campus

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