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12512 Analysing Retirement Housing and Aged Care Developments

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Australia's ageing population requires appropriate housing and care solutions. This requires an understanding of the legislative, planning and financial frameworks of this sector and how they influence current operations and future supply. The subject examines the main models of retirement housing and aged care in Australia, and how these meet the needs of an ageing population. Retirement housing and aged care comprises a property asset where the operational business is inextricably linked to the real estate.

The physical ageing process and how it impacts upon built form requirements is covered. Students acquire an understanding of the different demographic and economic drivers for the different types of retirement housing and care.

Following the introduction of the main types of retirement housing and aged care, students then evaluate each operational model and apply this to an analysis of the financial performance from development to ongoing operations. Students are introduced to strategic concepts focusing on existing portfolios and strategic asset planning with regard to existing ageing stock.

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