University of Technology Sydney

11563 Master of Landscape Architecture Design Studio 3

12cp; Weekly group and individual supervision as organised with thesis co-ordinator.
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This subject assumes prior knowledge of the fundamentals of landscape architecture. It aims to develop mastery in the discipline of landscape architectural design through the integration of a specific research agenda that may be tested through project-based speculations. The research agenda comprises a particular topic selected from a range of areas within the discipline of landscape architecture including, but not limited to, advanced computation and digital design, advanced construction, environmental and performance-based design, urban design and activism and the role of the landscape architect within critical cultural and ecological discourse. The subject enhances a critical understanding of landscape architecture as both a discipline with an existing body of knowledge and a set of practices that continuously challenge and add to that body of knowledge. The subject requires the testing of ideas and modes of practice in landscape architectural design, and the production of design proposals that accurately and persuasively convey the most relevant ideas and practices at an introductory level.

The subject forms the first half of a year-long self-directed design research project, the culmination of the MLA in Landscape Architecture.

Typical availability

Autumn session, City campus
Spring session, City campus

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