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11525 Demonstration Project




This subject concludes the Master of Advanced Architecture degree and is intended as an opportunity to critically respond to the challenges from the course through a negotiated research project. The project is formulated in consultation with external partners and is carried out by teams of students across the architecture degrees. The aim of the subject is to develop and profess a theoretical position, and to demonstrate its consequences through a concrete situation of public significance. Students demonstrate their capacity over the range of skills introduced throughout the degree, and work together in cross-disciplinary teams to defend their design research outcomes in a significant public forum for comment and review.

The research project must consolidate and extend learning in the area of urban design/design technologies and the themes considered throughout the degree. Students are responsible for identifying disciplinary specific research techniques, managing the research process and for publicly demonstrating the outcomes of their research project. Students table their research project brief at the end of the Spring session, formulate a plan for project management and regular meetings with their advisers over the Summer session, leading toward presentation in the week prior to the commencement of the following Autumn session.

Students are assessed on the creativity and legitimacy of their response to the negotiated project situation and their capacity to demonstrate the application of their learning to the practice context.

Typical availability

Summer session, City campus

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