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11394 Photography in Architecture PG

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This subject further develops students' understanding of photography's historic, aesthetic, technical, practical and contemporary role in architecture. Through lectures, workshops and assignments, the key aspects of photographing architecture are addressed, practised and appreciated, providing students with a thorough understanding of architectural photography.

Objectives for students include: reaching a thorough understanding and practice of the technical and methodological requirements of photographing architecture; appreciating the historic and cultural relevance of photography to architecture; and exploring and developing a personal photographic vision and methodology, and applying it to a relevant project.

The subject aims to provide students with the necessary photographic acumen to confidently design and produce photographs of architecture, and understand and appreciate the relevance of photography as both an art form and in terms of its applied contextual place in architectural practice. An understanding of basic camera controls and photographic language is presumed.

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Autumn session, City campus
Spring session, City campus
Summer session, City campus
Winter session, City campus

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