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11222 Architectural History and Theory: Critique

Requisite(s): 11212 Architectural History and Theory: Orientations AND 11216 Architectural History and Theory: Modernity and Modernism
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Building on the previous history and theory subjects by considering how modernism has become the subject of critique, this subject investigates 11 key networks of the intellectual history of architecture after WWII. Each lecture uses an architectural cultural institution as a trigger to trace the connections between the virtualities (unbuilt projects, population curves, desires), bodies (buildings, peoples, cities), and flows (money, traffic, power) that construct architectural controversies. Themes addressed may include criticism and critical thinking, disciplinarity, the nature and role of theory, the concept of position, postmodernity, deconstruction and literary theory, theories of the image and affect, gender and power relations, race, subjectivity, architecture and fashion, architecture and art, experimental architecture, architecture as critical object, ideology, politics and power, discourse, and framing.

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Spring session, City campus

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