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11187 Landscape Architecture Honours Thesis Project

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This subject completes the Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (Honours) (C09079). It runs in parallel with the research outcomes and findings from the concurrently running 11194 Advanced Landscape Architectural Design Studio 2 as a reflective written and visual thesis to demonstrate ability in research and design methods and documentation at honours level.

The 6000–7000 word (equivalent) reflective written thesis, combined with visual material developed and collected during the design research project undertaken in 11194, is undertaken in conjunction with academic supervision and refined through in-class writing workshops. The thesis document as a whole should emphasise the student's independent scholarly advancement by clearly situating the research project undertaken within a specific field of inquiry within landscape architectural practice and theory. The thesis should reflect upon design work undertaken, demonstrating proficiency in critical thinking and evaluation of research to produce knowledge within a particular field of inquiry, clearly communicating the project aims, methods and design outcomes resulting from considered employment of and critical engagement with the methods of design and research undertaken.

The final thesis document should convey a clear and robust narrative through the research project, presenting a coherent and rigorous and reflective project. The physical document is to be presented at a professional level, printed and professionally bound.

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