University of Technology Sydney

11178 Landscape Architecture Studio 4

6cp; 4hpw (1hr lecture, 3hr practice-oriented studio)
Requisite(s): 11130 Landscape Architecture Studio 3: Extended
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This subjects introduces second-year landscape architecture students to the planning and design of open space, parks, public plazas and places as a critical and core historical and contemporary objective of landscape architecture. It assists students to: understand this legacy through historical investigation of several notable parks; analyse, conceptualise, understand and document a sample of existing parks and public spaces in situ through site visits, measured and experiential drawings; develop a typological classification system for parks studied based upon the students' own criteria (e.g. size, location, age, uses, social attachment, ecological infrastructure, etc.); develop a redevelopment vision for one park, or to create a new one where a justifiable need is outlined through a set of drawings that identify their redesigned park within the continuum of park and public space design and history and within the typology that they have established.

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