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11176 Territory

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This subject introduces students to core concepts of 'landscape as territory' as the cumulative result of geophysical, ecological, sociopolitical and cultural conditions. The concept of territory is critical to the practice of landscape architecture which operates across a range of scales and temporal dimensions.

In order to uncover the systems, networks and formation which reveal themselves only at territory scale, mapping is employed as the primary tool of investigation. Cartographic techniques and methods are undertaken in a way that is generative and productive for design. Mapping to design, implies that maps are made to scale. Maps are precise and measured, allowing for deliberate design actions to take place. In this way maps move beyond pure representation.

This subject is designed to assist students to cultivate a literacy in landscape. The theories, skills and preparation undertaken in this subject are vital to the design subject, 11175 Landscape Architecture Studio 3: Grounding.

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Autumn session, City campus

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