University of Technology Sydney

11147 Landscape Architecture Global Studio

6cp; block mode, on and off campus: 3hrs x 2wks (lectures), on campus; 2wks x full-days (field trip, July session), off campus
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The subject exposes students to international practices of landscape architecture and their associated sociocultural contexts. This occurs through a period of intensive interaction with a geographic location outside Australia. Exposure to an international environment aims to challenge students' existing ideas and expectations of landscape architecture, questioning what they know to be the discipline's identity, approaches, values, imperatives, applications and actuality. Through this experience students not only develop specific knowledge about new projects, places, people, design processes and ways of living, but also acquire important skills for engaging with the 'unfamiliar' and 'new' in a manner that is generous, culturally responsive and critical. Furthermore, the subject serves as a vehicle for international networking and the creation of a global design perspective. Interaction with the subject's international location takes place through a range of different activities. These could include visits to places, projects, practices and institutions, conversation, discussions, seminars and design charrettes.

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