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11140 Landscape Architecture: Representation and Communication

6cp; 4hpw, on campus
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This subject introduces students to representational strategies, forms and techniques for landscape architecture. It emphasises approaches to representation that are responsive both to the characteristics of landscape and the discipline's contemporary pre-occupations. Furthermore, it addresses representation's exploratory, analytical and argumentative roles. As such, representation is conceived both as a means of knowing and imparting knowledge about landscapes and landscape architecture.

For the purposes of this subject, landscape is understood to be dynamic, phenomenally rich, relationally defined, physically extensive and systemic in character. In order to effectively address the subject's conception of landscape, students are instructed in approaches to representation and communication that are responsive to landscape's mutability, distinct formal attributes and experiential qualities, and its spatio-temporal organisation at multiple scales. In addition to addressing such distinct disciplinary concerns, students gain fluency, across analogue and digital platforms, in the use of basic forms, techniques and conventions for effective communication.

The vehicle for exploring this subject’s concerns is a select group of designed landscapes located in Sydney. Structured around a sequence of exercises, the subject challenges students to produce a coherent, legible and evocative set of representations that effectively convey a project's distinct landscape character. This thesis will be exhibited to an audience of fellow students and design professionals at the end of the subject. Through the course of developing this visual argument, students not only develop specific knowledge and skills pertaining to landscape representation and communication but also increase their familiarity with the medium of landscape and its designed articulation.

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