University of Technology Sydney

11130 Landscape Architecture Studio 3

12cp; 6hpw (3hr Monday, 3hrs Thursday)
Requisite(s): 11173 Landscape Architecture Studio 2 OR 11197 Landscape Architecture Studio 2
These requisites may not apply to students in certain courses.
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Studio options are structured around a distinct strategy for encountering and transforming the world around us. Each strategy is defined by a conceptual framework and accompanying representational forms and techniques. In support of this approach, students are introduced to a community of projects, practitioners and scholars, and learn to position themselves critically relative to the thinking and activities of others. On this basis, design is pursued as a form of intellectual and material inquiry.

Students learn to approach design from a variety of perspectives, at multiple scales. They are supported in exploring and testing ideas spatially, materiality and systemically through a variety of outputs, including, but not limited to drawings and models (analogue and digital), and discursively through presentations, tutorials and workshops. The outcomes of each studio option are distinct and varied. Their variety speaks to the plurality of landscape architectural approaches to design; each seeking to effect positive change in their own distinct ways.

The themes covered are territorial and system scale landscape thinking; ecologies, geologies, hydrology.

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