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11130 Landscape Architecture Studio 3

12cp; 2hpw (lectures), 6hpw (tutorials)
Requisite(s): 11173 Landscape Architecture Studio 2 OR 11197 Landscape Architecture Studio 2
These requisites may not apply to students in certain courses.
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The studio builds on skills and knowledge acquired during year one of the Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (Hons) degree, with a focus on the development of digital mapping and visualisation as it relates to landscape material processes and flows, across multiple scales. This includes an introduction to QGIS, photogrammetry, and digital modelling, including Rhino, Cloud Compare, Grasshopper and various cloud technologies. Beyond their workings, the studio serves as a context for exploring the relevance of these tools for understanding and modifying natural landscape systems, including dunes, wetlands, rivers, and estuarine environments in the context of human settlement. Field based inquiry, digital tools, and diverse data sets are used in combination to establish a critical understanding of how materials move within and through a given landscape. In doing so, students consider the anthropogenic impacts of land use practices such as urban expansion, sand extraction and land clearing. In the interests of improving the health and performance of complex landscape systems, defined by material processes and flows, students develop design proposals that serve as catalysts for material accumulation, direction, accretion, proliferation, and diversification. Acknowledging that dunes, wetlands, rivers and estuaries are indivisible from human processes, designs are sought that address the interdependency of multi-species and landscape health through meaningful processes of community engagement.

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