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11129 Communications 2

6cp; 4hpw: 1hpw (lecture, online), 3hpw (studio, on campus)
Requisite(s): 11128 Communications 1
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Communications 02 builds on the representation and visualisation skills established in Communications 01, focusing on 3D modelling and rendering to communicate and explore the landscape. Situated on Sydney’s coast, students engage in advanced terrain modelling while examining the vegetal, the aquarian, the social, the human and more-than-human, and the geological.

Participants learn to model complex terrains in Rhino, prototyping these in workshops, as site investigation and research, improving and developing their three-dimensional landscape skills and critical thinking. In the second half of the semester, students then take these models and continue to iterate through speculative critical frames using rendering programs and film-making practices to formulate a storyboard that depicts changes in climate, culture, nature and the social.

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