University of Technology Sydney

11119 Landscape Architecture Studio 1

12cp; 8hpw: 2hpw (lecture), 6hpw (studio), on campus
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The architectural design studio provides the creative framework for students to explore the motivations, techniques, contexts, constraints and opportunities that inform design inquiry. Through each project brief, students learn to deploy various mediums, scales and strategies towards the elaboration of design proposals along with clear verbal and visual descriptions of the design intentions, physical and cultural contexts, and iterative processes that generated them.

The subject provides the introductory studio in the Bachelor of Design in Architecture (C10004) and Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (Honours) (C09079) studio sequence. The subject delivers the framework to learn essential techniques for the production of architectural propositions as well as important strategies in critical, synthetic and analytical thinking. The subject introduces students to the fundamental themes of drawing, scale, site, observation, abstraction, precision and translation, among others. These themes serve as a common knowledge base critical to the practice of architecture and landscape architecture as well as providing a primer to issues that students continue to face in the sequence of studios ahead.

Students develop an understanding of design thinking using both two- and three-dimensional, analogue and digital exercises, including reading, writing, sketching, mapping, multiple forms of drawing, model building, precedent analysis, direct observation and photogrammetry to build spatial literacy. Rigorous research and iterative design tactics enable students to translate concepts into spatial propositions and situate their proposals within broader contexts.

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