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11119 Landscape Architecture Studio 1

12cp; 8hpw: 2hpw (lecture), 6hpw (studio), on campus
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The subject is the introductory studio in the Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (Honours) (C09079) studio sequence, and the Graduate Certificate in Landscape Architecture (C11275).

It provides a framework for students:

  • to understand the discipline's fundamental themes and techniques, whilst exploring creative approaches to landscape design, and
  • to build knowledge of landscape and landform that informs the generation of topographic proposals which are contextually responsive

The intent is to develop a student's literacy and appreciation for landscape from the perspective of landform. Through site investigations and technical exercises students learn to identify, describe and manipulate a landscape's physical properties, with an emphasis on their physical expression and the materiality of landform. This is supported by a focus on the use of two and three-dimensional, analogue and digital, techniques for understanding landform in measured, expressive and functional terms. Strategies for reading and representing landscapes and their respective landform, at different scales, are introduced independently, and contextualised as related aspects within an iterative design process. Used in combination these strategies enable students to translate observations and analyses into three dimensional topographic proposals for a specific project site.

Providing an intellectual context for the subject's practical exercises are a series of lectures which explore the relationship between design theory in general and landscape architecture more specifically. Examples of contemporary and historical landscape architecture projects and practices serve to exemplify disciplinary ideas of context, authorship, novelty, reflexivity and criticality.

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