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090012 Fundamentals of Biostatistics

3cp; 8hpw, online activities, plus assessment tasks; availability: online coursework degrees students only
Requisite(s): 090014c Fundamentals of Qualitative Research
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The purpose of this subject is to provide students with fundamental concepts in biostatistics, an understanding of biostatistical reasoning and its application to research studies, and the ability to evaluate health care related practice and research output critically. This subject introduces statistical concepts of data presentation, data management, confidence intervals, sample size and power, descriptive statistics, and bivariate statistical analyses.

The subject does not focus on computing skills, but instead on the interpretation of research output and the appropriate use of analysis methods. On completion of this subject, students are able to select the correct statistical analysis tests appropriate to research questions and are able to contribute to study design by undertaking power and sample size calculations.

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