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090004 Growth and Development in the Older Child (the preschool years)

6cp; 6 week, online
Requisite(s): 090001 Foundations of Child and Family Health AND 090002 Family and Community Health in Practice
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The pre-school years can be delightful and challenging as the child begins to navigate the world on its own terms. This subject teaches students essential skills for practice in working with families with young children from ages three to five. It includes the practical application of the parameters of normal development in early childhood, with particular focus on normal variations in child behaviours. It supports the health role of the child and family health practitioner in undertaking comprehensive assessments of young children 3–5 years of age and in providing anticipatory guidance to alleviate distress and worry in parents. The subject increases students' abilities to support and instil confidence in parents caring for a preschool age child, and to provide opportunities for social support and education. The subject requires the successful completion of a clinical experience program in an early childhood health facility.

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