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028225 Issues in Education: Local and Global Contexts

6cp; 1.5hpw (self-directed study, artefact creation & reading, online), 1.5hpw (tutorial, online via zoom); availability: exchange and study abroad students with faculty approval
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The aim of this subject is to enhance students' understanding of major issues in Australian education in the context of an ever-changing world that has become a global village through innovative technology, transnational migration and internationalisation of economic systems. What impacts do these changes have in shaping educational outcomes for students?

Through and introduction to social theory the subject enables the development of an understanding of the social, cultural, economic and political forces shaping education in Australia and globally. It explores the ways in which these forces interact in the Australian context to influence educational outcomes. This subject focuses on a critical-reflective approach to educational practices and beliefs highlighting the importance of discussion and dialogue in the development of our understanding of educational issues. The following issues are examined: the construction of knowledge and the curriculum in schools and tertiary institutions, social theories and socialisation, poverty and disadvantage, globalisation, gender, cultural diversity, global citizenship, development and human rights.

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Spring D session, City campus

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