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024414 English Study 4: Cultural and Textual Cross-currents




This subject focuses on two different types of appropriation. First, it studies the appropriation of English by the indigenous populations of post-colonial countries, as the chosen language of their unique cultural voice. Secondly, it studies the appropriation of texts of the literary 'canon' by moviemakers as they 'take over' and rewrite literature texts for the screen. Several texts are studied and comparisons are made between the original texts and cinematic versions of, for example, Shakespeare's plays and the novels of Jane Austen. How these different versions reflect on the original is explored. Key texts and their appropriations are considered within the educational school-based context and possible teaching/learning strategies are explored. A wide range of material is discussed, but there is particular reference to the selected texts. Students are expected to develop and demonstrate an understanding of a range of literary concepts and research skills in the fields of literature and literary theory.

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