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024412 English Study 2: Images of Australia, the Place and the People - Literary Representations in Prose, Poetry and Drama

6cp; availability: exchange and study abroad students with faculty approval



This subject introduces students to a broad study of Australian literature within a context of the 'literature of place'. Students read and view a wide range of contemporary texts which are used as a focus for other related texts of different historical periods. Students explore shifts in the focus of Australian literature over time; concepts such as Australia as an alien place; as the place of 'exiles at home'; the bush mystique and the dream of paradise; Aboriginal and multicultural Australia; literary representations of the Australian male ('mates' and the 'dinkum Aussie') and female (a crisis of identity for 'the drover's wife'); mindscape and landscape; and the notion of a 'subjective Australia'. A wide range of texts is discussed including significant Australian art and musical works, however, there is particular reference to the selected texts. Students are expected to read and view widely; write in different forms; and develop and demonstrate a range of literary concepts and research skills in the field of literature and literary theory.

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Spring session, City

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