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022204 HSIE Study 3: Multicultural Australia in its Asia-Pacific Regional Context, Implications for Teaching

6cp; 2hpw; availability: exchange and study abroad students with faculty approval



Australians are becoming increasingly aware of regional and global shifts in power and influence, particularly the 'emergence' of the Asia-Pacific region, and the implications this has for Australia in terms of its links with the region. At the same time, an awareness of Australia's Aboriginal history, and now, of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal shared histories and futures, is emerging. This subject investigates some of the implications this has for teaching in the Australian context. It examines the nature and theoretical underpinnings of intercultural studies, and looks into the dynamics of the Australian classroom in the national, regional and global context. The subject explores some of the current debates in Australia with regard to multiculturalism, immigration, Aboriginal issues, refuges, etc., and their implications for teaching.

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