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020219 Professional Experience 6: Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting

Requisite(s): (020214 Professional Experience 1: Exploring and Teaching AND 020215 Professional Experience 2: Teaching and Learning AND 020216 Professional Experience 3: Classroom Management AND 020217 Professional Experience 4: Student Well-being and Diversity AND 020218 Professional Experience 5: Teacher as Researcher AND (96 credit points of completed study in spk(s): C10407 Bachelor of Education (Primary) OR 96 credit points of completed study in spk(s): C10349 Bachelor of Education (Primary) Bachelor of Arts International Studies))
Anti-requisite(s): 028234 Professional Experience 5: Teacher as Researcher


This subject provides pre-service teachers with a critical understanding of the elements of programming and assessing as fundamental to planning and evaluation responsibilities of the primary school teacher. The subject also explores reporting as a critical means by which the teacher facilitates student learning through effective feedback provision to students, parents/caregivers and school personnel. The subject focuses on the development of educational programs by classroom-based practitioners. It contextualises programming in the primary school through considering external factors that impact on teachers' decision-making, including local, national and international policies, initiatives and trends in curriculum development. A key aim of the subject is to equip future teachers with practical skills of designing and creating effective classroom programs that are inclusive of students with varying learning needs. Highlighted in this subject are strategies for assessment of student learning in the classroom program, evaluation of that program and approaches to reporting both school activities and individual student achievement to parents and other stakeholders. Embedded in the subject is a 15 day placement.

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