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020218 Professional Experience 5: Teacher as Researcher

Requisite(s): (020214 Professional Experience 1: Exploring and Teaching AND 020215 Professional Experience 2: Teaching and Learning AND 020216 Professional Experience 3: Classroom Management AND 020217 Professional Experience 4: Student Well-being and Diversity AND (72 credit points of completed study in spk(s): C10407 Bachelor of Education (Primary) OR 72 credit points of completed study in spk(s): C10349 Bachelor of Education (Primary) Bachelor of Arts International Studies))


The subject aims to challenge pre-service teachers’ thinking about and understanding of crucial aspects of the work of the in-service teacher in the classroom and school community. It engages pre- service teachers in two key focal areas: (1) identification, critical analysis and interpretation of research to inform classroom practice, and (2) development of skills to design, implement and share the findings of practitioner research. To this end, the subject examines the role that educational research can play to inform classroom practice. Pre-service teachers read and interpret a range of research studies from different paradigms and perspectives in an individually negotiated area of professional interest, which informs their understanding of quality teaching and its impact on student learning. They then undertake an action learning project. Embedded in the subject is a 15 day placement.

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