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020215 Professional Experience 2: Teaching and Learning

Requisite(s): 020214 Professional Experience 1: Exploring and Teaching
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Anti-requisite(s): 028232 Professional Experience 3: Effective Teaching and Learning


In this subject the students continue their journey from Professional Experience 1, developing an understanding of teaching practices, pedagogy and appropriate strategies for learning. The focus is also on developing an awareness and understanding for the curriculum and how this impacts on the teaching and learning process. Pre-service teachers explore the way in which a lesson plan is created, observing exemplar teaching practices and classroom management approaches as a framework to build their own lesson plans. Embedded into the subject is a 15 day block of school based classroom experience, in the same school as attended in PE1 where the processes of teaching and learning start to be practiced under supervision as students implement strategies they have observed. Throughout the subject, the concepts of literacy and numeracy, as both specific and integrated aspects of learning, are explored developed and implemented across a range of activities.

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