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013409 Professional Learning

6cp; 9 x 2hrs, workshop, online
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Teacher Education



This is the first subject in the professional experience sequence. It provides a general overview of the teaching process, the teaching profession and teacher professional learning. There is also a 20 day practicum component for students in the combined degree MTeach course. The MTeach standalone students undertake their first placement in Professional Experience Teaching Practice 1. All students prepare for their placements by exploring the school environment, analysing the UTS lesson plan template and researching quality teaching and learning strategies. Pre-service teachers engage in preparatory activities for teaching in classrooms, with the specific purposes of learning how to plan for effective learning and teaching through modelling and demonstrating their understanding of the components of key teaching skills. They form links between theory and practice as they describe, analyse and reflect upon quality teaching and what makes a difference to student learning outcomes.

The workshops and online materials introduce various forms of professional teacher learning with emphasis on context, collaboration, evidence-based decision making and education research. Teacher-education students practise participating in forms of teacher learning and consider the utility of these for their ongoing development, as well as their implication for pupil learning. The benefits of parent/carer engagement in education are explored, along with strategies for teachers to work effectively, sensitively and confidently with parents/carers. Pre-service teachers are also introduced to the purpose and structure of the Digital Portfolio of Professional Practice that is created using the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers: Graduate as the framework.

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