University of Technology Sydney

013229 Investigating Learning and Innovation 1 (Capstone)

6cp; block (4 x 1-day block and online learning)
Requisite(s): 013227c Evaluating Learning and Innovation AND 013220 Launching Learning AND 013228 Research Practices AND 013223c Professional Learning and Practice AND 013224c Navigating Policy in Changing Environments AND 013225c Leading Learning AND 013226c Leading Innovative Practices
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This capstone subject enables students to consolidate learning and capabilities developed throughout their master's program. Students begin by revisiting their learning plan, workplace and professional goals, subject wrapping statements, and other artefacts collected throughout the course. Students reflect on their course-wide learning and consider their learning in terms of their own professional contexts. After identifying an area of further professional learning, students develop and implement a self-directed learning project. Finally, students curate a portfolio, including a capability statement, for external purposes.

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Autumn session, City campus

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