University of Technology Sydney

013220 Launching Learning

6cp; block (4 x 1-day block and online learning)
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This subject prepares students with knowledge, technologies and capabilities required to successfully complete the Master of Education as well as to customise the course to their own workplace and professional requirements. This subject involves students developing skills in tailoring learning to meet their own professional learning needs. A range of professional learning contexts are mapped, and students locate their professional practice within this mapping.

Throughout the subject, students are encouraged to assume significant responsibility for their own learning. The subject begins by exploring various components of, and utilities for 'Capability Wraps' and e-Portfolios for professional learning. A Capability Wrap that includes an individualised professional learning plan is developed. Students are introduced to, and engage with, a range of conceptual ideas around adult learning. These are evaluated and critiqued in terms of relevance for professional learning in specific contexts. Opportunities for identifying and developing academic literacies required to succeed in Masters-level study are explored.

Typical availability

Autumn session, City campus
Spring session, City campus

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