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012225 Issues in Indigenous Australian Education

Anti-requisite(s): 94680 Entering Professional Life (6cp) AND 94681 Entering Professional Life (8cp)



This subject is a mandatory Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspective that provides a scaffold for education students, through field-based and investigative activity, to develop their own capacity to implement some state and federal Indigenous education policy priorities. Enhancing the educational outcome of Indigenous students and ensuring that all school students are appropriately taught Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander studies are priorities in contemporary education across Australia. The subject provides foundation knowledge and experiences that assists students to recognise underpinning principles that apply to effective partnership with Indigenous communities and reflect upon their own practice and how it might contribute to meeting the diverse requirements of Indigenous Australian students. Issues such as integrating Aboriginal perspectives across key learning areas, historical educational experiences, and the nature and impact of policy, post-colonialism and the foundation status of Indigenous Australians are explored.

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