University of Technology Sydney

012214 Learning in Science and Technology 2

6cp; 3hpw x 9wks (face-to-face and online)
Requisite(s): 012213 Learning in Science and Technology 1 OR 028221 Learning in Science and Technology



This subject builds on Learning in Science and Technology 1 and continues to assist student development as a lifelong learner. It guides students in undertaking independent and collaborative inquiry, leading to the creation of new ideas and a critical understanding of established knowledge. Students are supported as they take increased responsibility for their own learning about science and technology concepts, and about pedagogies and approaches to teaching and learning with primary aged students and with programming in this key learning area. In requiring students to use a variety of sources (including the internet) for accessing, analysing and evaluating information, Learning in Science and Technology 2 contributes to the development of literacy in science and technology and information technologies. Further, it helps students to become informed, ethical and committed primary school teachers and/or scholars and researchers in this field.

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