University of Technology Sydney

012212 Mathematics Teaching and Learning 3

Requisite(s): (012210 Mathematics Teaching and Learning 1 OR 025211 Mathematics Teaching and Learning 1) AND (012211 Mathematics Teaching and Learning 2 OR 025212 Mathematics Teaching and Learning 2)
Anti-requisite(s): 028240 Mathematics Education 2




This subject allows students to further develop their philosophy of teaching and learning in mathematics. It examines the construction of, and builds students' understanding in, sound methodological principles for the development of concepts in rational number, introductory algebraic concepts, elementary number theory, and basic ideas in probability and statistics. The subject also identifies and analyses some of the critical issues in contemporary mathematics education, and develops an awareness of their implications for teaching and learning. Students are encouraged to reflect on their own learning about, and teaching of, the NSW K–6 mathematics syllabus. The link with the school-based field component of the corresponding professional experience subject enables students to apply and reflect upon mathematics teaching and learning episodes.

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