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010301 Think: Learning Theories and Implications for Learning Design

3cp; Distance: online learning (for August session in the Graduate Certificate in Education and Digital Learning)
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Anti-requisite(s): 013221 Learning in the Digital Age



How do you know when you’ve learned something? What does learning look like? The subject introduces students to learning theories and learning sciences, and the implications of those theories upon historical, contemporary and emerging learning design. Particular attention is drawn to learning theories such as behaviourism, cognitivism, constructivism and connectivism. Emphasis is placed on how these concepts relate to technology enhanced learning, and what that means for the learning designer in a practical sense. Students explore the development of these theories and how they have influenced various pedagogical approaches in both instructional and learning design. Students apply these theories in a range of settings and contexts in order to develop learning experiences that are suitable for students. They critique the effect that technology has had upon the development of learning theories.

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March session, City campus,
August session, City campus

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