University of Technology Sydney

010048 Professional Learning

6cp; 9 x 2hrs, workshop, online


This first subject in the professional experience sequence locates teaching as a profession. A key element of the profession is a commitment to continual improvement and knowledge production. Teacher-education students undertake the first placement (8 days) in a school where they have an opportunity to observe, to prepare for the subsequent placements where they will be required to teach in a real-world school classroom under supervision. The workshops and online materials introduce various forms of professional teacher learning with emphasis on context, collaboration, evidence-based decision making and education research. Teacher-education students practise participating in forms of teacher learning and consider the utility of these for their ongoing development, as well as their implication for pupil learning. The benefits of parent/carer engagement in education are explored, along with strategies for teachers to work effectively, sensitively and confidently with parents/carers. The Graduate Teacher Standards (GTS) and e-portfolios are introduced as a basis for organising, monitoring and documenting professional learning.

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