University of Technology Sydney

STM91178 Core subjects (Technology and Innovation)

94674  Technology Lab 1: Imagine and Create  8cp
94668  Project: Complex Challenges to Creative Possibilities  8cp
94673  Science Fiction: Making Futures  8cp
94676  Technology Lab 2: Connect and Network  8cp
94669  Project: Data-driven Design Challenges  8cp
94679  Complexity and Sustainable Futures  8cp
94677  Technology Lab 3: Exchange and Influence  8cp
94670  Project: Global Grand Challenges  8cp
94672  Creative Methods and Entrepreneurial Initiatives  8cp
94666  Innovation Internship  12cp
94678  Innovation Capstone: Research and Development  12cp
94667  Emergent Professional Practice  12cp
94671  Innovation Capstone: Realisation and Transformation  12cp
Total  120cp