University of Technology Sydney

STM91159 Minor project + electives

15142  Property Development Process  6cp
12535  Development Feasibility and Modelling  6cp
15146  Sustainable Urban Development  6cp
17700  Planning and Environmental Law  6cp
12518  Property Transactions  6cp
17551  Property Market and Risk Analysis  6cp
15222  Urban Design  6cp
15241  Urban Economics and Infrastructure Funding  6cp
17704  Property Development Finance  6cp
15144  Group Project B: Greenfields Development  6cp
15145  Development Negotiation and Community Engagement  6cp
15143  Group Project A: Urban Renewal  6cp
15301  Planning Theory and Decision Making  6cp
15345  Minor Project  6cp
Select 12 credit points of options:  12cp
CBK90622  Sub-major/Options (Property Development PG) 24cp 
CBK90597  Options (Planning) Level 3 24cp 
Total  96cp