University of Technology Sydney

STM91103 Core subjects (Health Science)

92566  Introduction to Health Care Systems  6cp
36200  Arguments, Evidence and Intuition  6cp
92567  Interpersonal Communication  6cp
92494  Psychosocial Perspectives in Health  6cp
92568  Evidence-based Practice for Health Professionals  6cp
92569  Fundamentals of Epidemiology and Population Health  6cp
92570  Health Promotion and Advocacy  6cp
92571  Principles of Primary Health Care  6cp
92572  Communication and Technology  6cp
92490  Introduction to Digital Health  6cp
92574  Introduction to Public Health  6cp
92575  Indigenous Health and Wellbeing  6cp
92576  Social, Emotional and Psychological Wellbeing  6cp
92577  Health Project and Program Management and Evaluation  6cp
92578  Diversity and Culture  6cp
92579  Professional Placement  6cp
Total  96cp