University of Technology Sydney

STM90644 Core subjects

83119  Thinking Fashion  6cp
83881  An Introduction to Patternmaking and Construction  6cp
83121  Fashion Communication: An Introduction  6cp
85502  Researching Design Histories  6cp
83231  Fashion Cultures  6cp
83882  Foundations in Patternmaking and Construction 2  6cp
83233  Fashion Illustration Fundamentals 2  6cp
85503  Thinking Through Design  6cp
83341  Fashion Intersections  6cp
83883  Couture Techniques  6cp
83343  Fashion Design: Past to Present  6cp
83344  Fashion Communication: Drawing and Digital Media  6cp
83888  New Textiles and Technologies  6cp
83563  Dress, Body and Couture  6cp
83568  Advanced Fashion and Textile Techniques  6cp
83884  Men's Collection  6cp
83886  Women's Collection  6cp
83773  Fashion and Textiles Research Dissertation  6cp
85701  Research Based Designing  6cp
83774  Fashion and Textile Research and Conceptualisation  12cp
83777  Professional Practice for Fashion and Textile Designers  6cp
83887  Fashion and Textile Design Major Project  24cp
Total  156cp