University of Technology Sydney

STM90374 Core subjects (Economics)

16266  Sustainable Urban Design and Development  6cp
16264  Property Accounting and Financial Management  6cp
16466  Built Environment Economics  6cp
16127  Building Technology  6cp
16467  Built Environment Law and Ethics  6cp
16231  Property Management  6cp
16232  Economics for Policy Analysis  6cp
16233  Urban Planning Process  6cp
16234  Property Valuation  6cp
16235  Urban Economics  6cp
16236  Property Cash Flow Analysis  6cp
16237  Property Taxation  6cp
16238  Property Data Visualisation and Analytics  6cp
16332  Investment and Portfolio  6cp
16333  Statutory Valuation and Compensation  6cp
16261  Development Management  6cp
16335  Advanced Valuation  6cp
16469  Professional Practice  6cp
16468  Introduction to the Built Environment  6cp
16137  Digital Built Environment  6cp
16267  Property Title and Spatial Data Analysis  6cp
16331  Specialised Valuation  6cp
16345  Property Trusts and Funds  6cp
16338  International Property Investment  6cp
Total  144cp