University of Technology Sydney

SMJ10191 Quantum Computing and Communications

43025  Introduction to Quantum Computing  6cp
37233  Linear Algebra  6cp
41076  Methods in Quantum Computing  6cp
Select 6 credit points of options:  6cp
41302  Additive Manufacturing 1 6cp 
37335  Differential Equations 6cp 
37181  Discrete Mathematics 6cp 
41175  Emerging Topics in Quantum Information Science 6cp 
48080  Introduction to Innovation 6cp 
37242  Introduction to Optimisation 6cp 
41174  Quantum Algorithms 6cp 
41171  Quantum Computer Architectures 6cp 
41172  Quantum Information Theory 6cp 
41173  Quantum Software and Programming 6cp 
37252  Regression and Linear Models 6cp 
35391  Seminar (Mathematics) 6cp 
Total  24cp