University of Technology Sydney

SMJ10083 Risk Management

25300  Fundamentals of Business Finance  6cp
25556  The Financial System  6cp
Select 12 credit points of options:  12cp
37234  Advanced Calculus 6cp 
37357  Advanced Statistical Modelling 6cp 
31253  Database Programming 6cp 
37356  Design and Analysis of Experiments 6cp 
37335  Differential Equations 6cp 
37181  Discrete Mathematics 6cp 
31005  Machine Learning 6cp 
37344  Network and Combinatorial Optimisation 6cp 
37343  Nonlinear Methods in Quantitative Management 6cp 
37242  Optimisation in Quantitative Management 6cp 
37253  Sample Surveys 6cp 
37262  Simulation Modelling 6cp 
37363  Stochastic Processes 6cp 
Total  24cp