University of Technology Sydney

SMJ10032 Media Studies

This sub-major invites students to investigate the role of media in their lives and in globalised social environments by exploring key media theories and carrying out original media research.

The first subject explores significant media debates and the evolution of media theories from all-powerful models of the media to more nuanced understandings of media influence, asking key questions including: What is a medium? How do people use media? How do the media 'use' people?

In the second subject students explore key research traditions, ways to study how people use media in their daily lives and ways of reflecting on how individuals shape their identity through social media and what it means to work as a media professional in contemporary Australian media industries.

The third subject equips students to analyse changing concepts of media audiences from passive recipients to active producers.

To develop students' research expertise in ways which help to prepare them for honours, postgraduate study, and careers in the media and in media research, students tackle research design, formulation of research questions, media research methods, literature reviewing, critical appraisal, and reporting their findings in research genres.

Completion requirements

54080  Media Power  8cp
54084  Transnational Media  8cp
54092  Culture: Plugged and Unplugged  8cp
Total  24cp