University of Technology Sydney

MAJ09322 International Law

Select 30 credit points of options:  30cp
78026  Business and Law in China 6cp 
78107  Climate Law and Carbon Markets 6cp 
78126  Corporate Governance 6cp 
78105  Genetics and the Law 6cp 
78015  Global Aspects of Intellectual Property Law 6cp 
78182  Human Rights Law 6cp 
78153  International Commercial Transactions 6cp 
78010  International Criminal Law 6cp 
77794  International Environmental Law 6cp 
77716  International Trade Law 6cp 
76008  Jurisprudence 6cp 
78150  Law and Mental Health 6cp 
78008  Law of the Sea 6cp 
78158  Private International Law 6cp 
Total  30cp