University of Technology Sydney

MAJ08940 Finance

Virtually all individuals and organisations earn or raise money and spend or invest money. Financial management is concerned with the process, markets and instruments used in the transfer of money between individuals, firms and government.

The Finance major provides participants with the opportunity to acquire knowledge of finance theory and techniques in the areas of investment and financing decisions, forecasting and planning, risk management and interactions with capital markets. Learning strategies that cover both contemporary financial theory and leading-edge techniques in the practice of financial decision-making are used in the presentation of the major.

Completion requirements

25705  Financial Modelling and Analysis  6cp
25741  Capital Markets  6cp
25721  Investment Management  6cp
25743  Advanced Corporate Valuation  6cp
25765  Corporate Finance  6cp
Select 18 credit points of options:  18cp
25782  Alternative Investments 6cp 
25729  Applied Equity Portfolio Management 6cp 
25752  Bank Lending and Analytics 6cp 
25762  Derivatives and Risk Management 6cp 
25733  Finance for Entrepreneurs 6cp 
25751  Financial Institution Management 6cp 
25728  Fixed Income Analysis 6cp 
25796  Personal Wealth Management 6cp 
Total  48cp