University of Technology Sydney

MAJ08938 Technology Management

In a world where innovation is a key to success, leaders are called to the fore to manage people and projects. The Technology Management major is designed for students who have a technical background or a keen interest in technology and therefore a strong alignment with analytical approaches. From this platform the objectives are underpinned by the desire to expose students to a broader body of knowledge and range of approaches than experienced in a purely technical framework.

A key issue is the benefit that accrues from supplementing analytical and mathematical modelling approaches with business and social science skills. Much of the value and strength of the Technology Management major relate to consideration of approaches and perceptions that are extensions of, or build upon, an engineering/scientific view point. The differences between technocratic approaches and human and societal constructs are brought into sharp focus broadening the perspectives of students.

The major is specifically designed to enhance understanding of the need for technology, people and society to be viewed as closely interrelated aspects of all engineering and business activity.

Completion requirements

Select 48 credit points of options:  48cp
49655  Integrated Logistic Support 6cp 
49001  Judgment and Decision Making 6cp 
49013  Managing Information Technology in Engineering 6cp 
49002  Managing Projects 6cp 
49309  Quality Planning and Analysis 6cp 
49306  Quality and Operations Management Systems 6cp 
49006  Risk Management in Engineering 6cp 
49004  Systems Engineering for Managers 6cp 
49016  Technology and Innovation Management 6cp 
Total  48cp