University of Technology Sydney

MAJ08476 Management

The Management major aims to develop integrated knowledge and skills for effective leadership and management within a global, decentralised competitive business environment with its increasing emphasis on technology, quality, diversity and sustainability.

Participants acquire knowledge and apply skills in diverse managerial areas such as strategic decision-making, coaching and mentoring others, managing complex change within organisations, intervening within organisations to ensure better health and effectiveness, managing the value chain for greater effectiveness and efficiency and managing for sustainability. Choice of subjects within the major allows students to tailor their requirements for specific application within various sectors, for example, international management, public sector management and third sector management.

Completion requirements

21012  Governance and Sustainability  6cp
21717  Managing in International Contexts  6cp
21720  Human Resource Management  6cp
21008  Applied Management Consulting  6cp
21741  Operations and Quality Management  6cp
21811  Global Strategic Management  6cp
21926  Managing Culture and Change  6cp
21854  Problem Solving, Creativity and Solution Setting  6cp
Total  48cp