University of Technology Sydney

MAJ08020 Human Resource Management

This major provides students with the skills, knowledge, and abilities to effectively contribute to an organisation's human resource management (HRM) functions, either as a practitioner or as part of a broader management role. It introduces students to the frameworks governing and influencing HRM and aims to develop an understanding and competency in the practice of HRM as applied in Australian and international contexts. Students' critical analysis skills, understanding of the role of communication and information technology and appreciation of ethical issues in HRM are developed through the study of HRM structures, systems and processes as well as strategic approaches to the field of HRM.

Completion requirements

21702  Industrial Relations  6cp
21926  Managing Change  6cp
21720  Human Resource Management  6cp
21811  Global Strategic Management  6cp
21717  Managing in a Multicultural World  6cp
21741  Operations and Quality Management  6cp
Total  48cp