University of Technology Sydney

MAJ03544 Chemical Process Engineering

Chemical Process Engineers develop processes as well as design and operate plants to produce and transform chemicals to final products. Chemical Process Engineering is founded on the principles of chemistry, physics, and mathematics, with an increasing focus on biotechnology. Recent advances in automation and data science including Industry 4.0, AI, and information technology provide a platform for chemical process engineering to solve key challenges of our time. Students of this program will develop skills to take advantage of the digital revolution and innovate by applying their disciplinary knowledge to contribute to environmental sustainability and economic prosperity.

Completion requirements

41301  Industrial Engineering  6cp
60101  Chemistry and Materials Science  6cp
41117  Introduction to Chemical Process Engineering  6cp
65212  Chemistry 2  6cp
91161  Cell Biology and Genetics  6cp
48641  Fluid Mechanics  6cp
41380  Heat and Mass Transfer  6cp
43015  Thermofluids B  6cp
41381  Advanced Fluid and Particle Mechanics  6cp
41382  Unit Operations  6cp
41383  Process Simulation  6cp
41384  Chemical Thermodynamics and Reactor Design  6cp
41108  Integrated Product Development for Industry 4.0  6cp
41385  Process Dynamics and Control  6cp
48350  Environmental and Sanitation Engineering  6cp
41305  Industrial IoT Studio  6cp
41386  Process Design and Safety Studio  6cp
41308  Machine Learning and Industrial Data Science  6cp
41029  Engineering Research Preparation  6cp
41030  Engineering Capstone  6cp
Total  120cp