University of Technology Sydney

MAJ03488 Telecommunications and Electronics

This major allows students to experience the possibilities that arise through the convergence of telecommunications and electronic systems. 5G networking, the Internet of Things (IoT), photonic and advanced transmission systems as well as advanced signal processing techniques enable new models of communication that far exceed previous capabilities. All of these areas are underpinned by recent developments in microelectronics and an increasing emphasis on cybersecurity. In this major, students start with a foundation of communication protocols and wireless sensor networks (for IoT). From there,they can choose from a range of subjects including next generation cellular networks, software defined networks, cybersecurity, adaptive signal processing and fabrication of sensors and components for IoT networks.

Completion requirements

STM90859  Project stream  12cp
STM90881  Telecommunications and Electronics core  12cp
CBK90980  Telecommunications and Electronics choice  18cp
Total  42cp