University of Technology Sydney

MAJ03459 Civil and Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical engineering is a professional engineering discipline dealing with the design, construction and maintenance of the earth infrastructures, such as foundations of buildings, towers, bridges, dams, road and rail embankments, tunnels, retaining walls and natural slopes. Currently there is a global need for geotechnical engineers for design and construction of challenging large infrastructure projects. The Geotechnical Engineering major trains students in a variety of skills such as planning and undertaking geotechnical site investigations and laboratory testing, designing major structures in ground, and designing appropriate ground improvement techniques for problematic soils and contaminated sites. The knowledge and skills that students gain prepare them to work in many industries and organisations including local councils, state and federal government, non-government organisations, geotechnical consultancies, construction companies and large multinational firms.

This major is mostly suited to applicants who have an undergraduate degree in civil engineering. However, applicants with a background in other fields of engineering or applied science may also apply.

Completion requirements

CBK90676  Civil and Geotechnical Engineering choice A  24cp
CBK90677  Civil and Geotechnical Engineering choice B  24cp
Total  48cp