University of Technology Sydney

MAJ03452 Integrated Logistic Support and Engineering Management

Logistics engineering involves ensuring that the systems created to meet various needs can be effectively and adequately supported during their lifetime. Without such support, systems do not remain fit for purpose for the required lengths of time.

This major prepares students to manage acquisition and management of complex systems with a view to ensuring that such systems can be supported in an effective manner. The subjects studied for this major prepare students to not only identify the key drivers and requirements for system support, but also to ensure that these considerations are treated with due importance throughout the system's life cycle. The major focuses on both the technical and managerial aspects that typically confront people working in such fields. The program emphasises a systems approach to logistics engineering and enable the student to appreciate the importance of a life-cycle view to system acquisition and management. The individual components of the program familiarise students with the skills relevant to logistics engineering and management.

The knowledge gained prepares students to work in many industries, such as aircraft, defence industries, and other industries, creating systems which require well thought out support systems successful operations and sustainment.

Completion requirements

49001  Judgment and Decision Making  6cp
49004  Systems Engineering for Managers  6cp
49069  Leadership and Responsibility  6cp
49309  Quality Planning and Analysis  6cp
49098  Applied Financial Management  6cp
49680  Value Chain Engineering Systems  6cp
Total  48cp